Lyndoch Living Update: Re Annual General Meeting

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An update to the community.

Lyndoch Living today reaffirmed its commitment to delivering on the change program underway at the organisation, as it held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Monday 31 October. Board Chair Susan Cassidy and Interim CFO Andrew Long addressed the recent challenges the organisation has been facing, its financial position and mapped out future plans.

Like more than a third of aged care facilities across the country, Lyndoch Living recorded an operational loss for the 2021/2022 financial year, impacted by significant expenditure managing COVID-19 outbreaks. This resulted in increased staff and reduced occupancy within its aged care facilities.

Despite the $2.87m operational loss, Lyndoch Living continues to have a strong net equity position of $35.41m, total expenditure of $50.79m and achieved $45.31m in total revenue for the financial year. Lyndoch Living continues to review the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and is taking the necessary steps to protect the health, well-being and safety of its residents, clients, and employees.

To summarise, during the 2021/2022 financial year, Lyndoch Living:

  •  Sought governance framework advice to meet the enhanced governance requirements for the sector.
  • Engaged SED Regional Advisory to further its skills matrix, terms of reference, independent board nominations process and committee, and undertake ongoing education sessions, including clinical governance for Board members.
  • Established a Quality Department to support the responses to the various Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission assessments and non-compliance notices from May Noonan and the Lyndoch Living Nursing Home and Hostel.
  • Achieved full compliance for its Lyndoch Living Medical Clinics.
  • Supported the vaccine mandate and management of COVID-19, in partnership with the Commonwealth and State governments.
  • Supported the significant workforce shortages by confirming 65 student placements, offering 167-course opportunities, creating a purpose-built learning space for employees (and residents), and hosting various trainee and apprenticeship programs.
  • The main source of revenue for the healthcare organisation continues to generate from its aged care residential services which contributed $24.68m and home care packages which contributed $7.18m.
  • Reduced current assets by $17.63m to primarily fund the capital works for the Primary HealthCare Centre and increased operating costs.
  • Reduced occupancy rates from 91.6 per cent to 79.4 per cent in June 2022.

The AGM also provided an opportunity to discuss:

  • The appointment of three new Board Directors – Louise Cameron, Edward Rennick and Peter O’Brien.
  • A summary of the challenges faced by the organisation – alongside the broader challenges faced by the aged care sector.
  • The opening of the Primary Healthcare Centre.

Lyndoch Living Chair Susan Cassidy said the AGM was an important opportunity for Lyndoch Living to summarise the past 12 months and set out a pathway for the future, while acknowledging the hard work of staff and volunteers and the support of residents, their families and the Warrnambool community.

“We know these have been challenging times for Lyndoch Living, headlined by significant workforce shortages and other challenges caused by the pandemic,” Susan Cassidy said.

“This will remain an ever-present issue for Lyndoch Living and we are doing what we can to work through these challenges, alongside most of our industry.”

“That’s why it is so important to acknowledge the work of our staff who navigated these extremely difficult circumstances through the year. While we have significant work to do, I thank our people for their care and commitment, and for continuing their work to implement higher quality standards.”

“Today it was important to reiterate our strong commitment to doing things better every day, supporting our residents and regaining the trust of our community. The board is committed to work hard over the next 12 months to make this happen,” she concluded.


“We are very grateful for the professionalism and care the staff have shown”

Family of Living@Home clients


“We would like to acknowledge the fantastic support shown to this lovely couple by the Living@Home team and the flexibility and understanding of their care needs”

Family Member of Living@Home client


“The lady you sent over yesterday was delightful, and even made Mum a hot lemon drink and put her to bed”

Leanne (daughter of Living@Home client)


“What a wonderful job Trish and Liz do, we are so happy with the care they provide”

Family Members of Living@Home clients


“I really appreciate the support from the Lyndoch Living@Home team, it’s a huge help in managing my caring role”

Michelle (Living@Home client)


“A very big thank you to the wonderful staff who came into our home and cared for my husband.  This respite break made a very difficult situation more tolerable and gave me something to look forward to”

Christine (Living@Home client)


“Geraldine is the about the best cleaner I’ve ever had!”

Maurice  (Living@Home client)


“Jan is such a capable, competent and calming carer, I feel so safe in her hands.  I could not ask for anyone better”

Joan (Living@Home client)


“I’ve always been a busy, practical person and I’m still a busy person – I’m still able to be very involved in the community, especially the Speedway. I’m a busy bloke!”
“I get spoilt rotten here! I really get cared for.”

Stuart (Swinton East)


“One of the lovely nurses had a great idea and planted out a raised bed with tomatoes and other plants and I enjoy getting out there and doing some work in the garden, collecting the produce.” “The staff are very, very nice. They greet you with a smile and do things very well.“
“I really enjoy the school kids visiting, and I’m amazed at the quality of the kids,
they’re all so nice!”

John (Lake Lodge)


“I’ve lived here for 5 years and I’m very happy with the nurses and other staff”

Margaret (Lake Lodge)


“I’ve made friends here that I wouldn’t have been able to meet living by myself at home. It’s like an extension of your family” “The staff are absolutely fantastic here, nothing is ever a problem for them. Right through to the maintenance men, the cleaners and gardeners and staff at the kiosk, they’re all obliging and always greet you with a smile” “At Lyndoch I get comfort, care and conversation, add a bit of fresh air and that’s exactly what you need in life”

Lynette (Swinton East)