Lyndoch Living COVID-19 Updates

  • Request to visit during COVID-19 restrictions

Please refer to the latest Community Update below regarding updates to current restrictions

  • Mailing list request:

    Please be advised that due to email volume constraints electronic communication is limited to 500 recipients. We therefore request that the primary contact or registered next-of-kin of each resident receive the communication and forward to other family members.
If you are not the primary contact or registered next-of-kin and wish to keep up-to-date with what’s happening around Lyndoch you can connect with us via Facebook.

If you have any queries regarding the information on this page or any other concerns please telephone our main reception on 03 5561 9300 or email [email protected] and your inquiry will be handled by a member of our Infection Control Team.

Update Thursday 17th September 2020

You can download the latest COVID-19 update for 17th September 2020 here.

Update Tuesday 15th September 2020

You can download the latest Covid 19 update for 15th September 2020 here

Update Thursday 3rd September 2020

You can download the latest COVID-19 update for 3rd September 2020 here

Update Monday 17th August 2020

Download the Interactive PDF copy here

Update Thursday 13th August 2020

Download the Interactive PDF copy here

Update Thursday 6th August 2020

Download the Interactive PDF copy here

Update Monday 27th July 2020

Download a PDF copy here

Update Friday 17th July 2020

Download the Interactive PDF copy here

Update 13th July 2020

Download a PDF copy here

Update 8th July 2020

Download a PDF copy here

Update 25th June 2020

Download a PDF copy here

Update 4th June 2020

Download a PDF copy here

link to Swinburne Wellbeing Telehealth Counselling Service

Update 21st May 2020

Download a pdf copy here

‘Your health is in all of our hands’

Dr Norman Swan has recorded a series of short videos for the LASA peak body, to raise awareness of the issues and support through aged care services –

Update 14th May 2020

Download a pdf copy here

Update 4 May 2020

Download a pdf copy here

Update: 27th April 2020

Download a pdf copy here

Update: 22nd April 2020

Download a pdf copy here

Link to the DHHS page 

Update: 20 April 2020

Lyndoch Living’s ANZAC Day Activities

Saturday 25 April 2020

Due to the ongoing restrictions on social gatherings there will be no community ANZAC Day service for residents. Instead each residence unit (Lyndoch Warrnambool and May Noonan Centre) will be provided with a copy of the pre-recorded ANZAC Day Service from the Warrnambool RSL which has been provided to us free of charge by the Warrnambool RSL and Fitz Media.

At 11:00am, at Lyndoch Warrnambool, there will be a ceremonial flag raising and playing of the bagpipes, at the main entrance, which the residents will be able to view from various vantage points within the building. This will also be broadcast live on Lyndoch’s Facebook page. Residents will be invited to lay wreaths and/or poppies, one at a time, in remembrance of loved ones, following the flag raising and minute silence.

Lest We Forget

Update: 3rd April 2020

Download a pdf copy here

Update: 25 March 2020

Upon advice from the Australian Government Department of Health and DHHS Victoria Lyndoch Living’s Infection Control Team has instigated our action plan in response to COVID-19 and will continue to implement precautions and changes to our processes and procedures. Family members of residents, staff and the community should remain informed of critical information published by the various health and government departments and also take notice of any restrictions in place at Lyndoch Living’s various sites, including Hopkins Road Warrnambool, May Noonan Centre Terang and Warrnambool Medical Centre sites.

The letter reproduced below was sent to residents’ families, [email protected] community clients and other community engagement clients on 13 March 2020, to help us to protect those vulnerable members of our community. We advise that regular updates will be posted at our sites and staff will be advised of any further restrictions and precautions as they are recommended to us.

Please take note of all posted information at the entrances and discuss any concerns with residence managers.

Update: 13 March 2020

COVID-19: Department of Health information

COVID-19: Department of Health and Human Services (Victoria) information




“We are very grateful for the professionalism and care the staff have shown”

Family of [email protected] clients


“We would like to acknowledge the fantastic support shown to this lovely couple by the [email protected] team and the flexibility and understanding of their care needs”

Family Member of [email protected] client


“The lady you sent over yesterday was delightful, and even made Mum a hot lemon drink and put her to bed”

Leanne (daughter of [email protected] client)


“What a wonderful job Trish and Liz do, we are so happy with the care they provide”

Family Members of [email protected] clients


“I really appreciate the support from the Lyndoch [email protected] team, it’s a huge help in managing my caring role”

Michelle ([email protected] client)


“A very big thank you to the wonderful staff who came into our home and cared for my husband.  This respite break made a very difficult situation more tolerable and gave me something to look forward to”

Christine ([email protected] client)


“Geraldine is the about the best cleaner I’ve ever had!”

Maurice  ([email protected] client)


“Jan is such a capable, competent and calming carer, I feel so safe in her hands.  I could not ask for anyone better”

Joan ([email protected] client)


“I’ve always been a busy, practical person and I’m still a busy person – I’m still able to be very involved in the community, especially the Speedway. I’m a busy bloke!”
“I get spoilt rotten here! I really get cared for.”

Stuart (Swinton East)


“One of the lovely nurses had a great idea and planted out a raised bed with tomatoes and other plants and I enjoy getting out there and doing some work in the garden, collecting the produce.” “The staff are very, very nice. They greet you with a smile and do things very well.“
“I really enjoy the school kids visiting, and I’m amazed at the quality of the kids,
they’re all so nice!”

John (Lake Lodge)


“I’ve lived here for 5 years and I’m very happy with the nurses and other staff”

Margaret (Lake Lodge)


“I’ve made friends here that I wouldn’t have been able to meet living by myself at home. It’s like an extension of your family” “The staff are absolutely fantastic here, nothing is ever a problem for them. Right through to the maintenance men, the cleaners and gardeners and staff at the kiosk, they’re all obliging and always greet you with a smile” “At Lyndoch I get comfort, care and conversation, add a bit of fresh air and that’s exactly what you need in life”

Lynette (Swinton East)