Outstanding career opportunities for both existing and prospective employees

Lyndoch Living’s successful delivery of its diverse range of services is a result of employing the right people for the job. Our people are the key to us being able to achieve and exceed best practice in our industry.

As employees of Lyndoch Living, you can share and experience our values and philosophies based around person-centred care to achieve the career satisfaction that drives you.

Offering in excess of 70 career pathways for employees, Lyndoch Living offers employees an established reputation throughout the region as an employer where careers can be born and nurtured.

The range of career opportunities available extends to:

  • Registered and Enrolled Nurses
  • Personal Care Workers
  • Allied Health Professionals and Assistants
  • Catering Staff
  • Gardening Staff
  • Administration Staff
  • Cleaning Staff
  • Maintenance Staff

Find out more on how to join our stellar team through the links on this site, submitting an online enquiry, or contacting us directly at Lyndoch Living.

Lyndoch Living actively promotes Gender Equality

Lyndoch Living values the importance of recognising Gender Equality in the workplace in order to promote employee access and enjoyment of identical rewards, resources and opportunities.

Gender Equality is vital to the success of an organization, as groups with diverse perspectives, flexibility in thinking, higher levels of creativity, innovation and organisational agility consistently outperform homogenous groups.

As the CEO of Lyndoch Living I Doreen Power am committed to gender pay equity, gender equality and all it encompasses.

Careers at Lyndoch Living

With over 60 different occupations and growing community based services for all ages and abilities we don’t just find you a job, we launch careers.
So what are you waiting for?