From humble beginnings in 1952 Lyndoch Living has grown and expanded to meet the aged and extended care needs of the southwest, now the major provider of aged and extended care services to our community.

1950 – 1960
⋅ Establishment of a twelve-bed hostel

1960 – 1970
⋅ Establishment of the retirement village with construction of three ‘Darby & Joan’ units
⋅ Additional hostels – Fletcher Jones, Harris and Berlyn (Riverside Hostel) – constructed to meet growing demand

1970 – 1980
⋅ Hostel expansion continued with the construction of ‘Englebert’ and ‘KT Swinton’
⋅ The first nursing home – Ward 1 – opens
⋅ The Day Centre was established

1980 – 1990
⋅ Retirement Village grows to a total of 45 units
⋅ The second nursing home – Ward 2 – opens

1990 – 2000
Tomlinson Centre Hostel opens
⋅ Community based and in-home services established
⋅ Establishment of satellite offices in Hamilton and Portland

2000 – 2010
⋅ Construction of new nursing homes – Audrey Prider Centre and Lake Lodge – to replace Ward 1 and Ward 2
⋅ Construction of new ‘KT Swinton Hostel
⋅ ‘The Homestead’ respite program is initiated
⋅ Massive growth in Community Care, Case Management, and Home-based Services
⋅ Establishment of a satellite office in Ballarat

2010 – Today
Planning initiated for a major redevelopment of the Retirement Village – Waterfront Living

Today Lyndoch Living remains, a solid and respected care provider to the southwest communities, with:

⋅ 198 residential aged care beds
⋅ 562 clients under active case management
⋅ Over 3500 individuals access our services annually
⋅ 23% of individuals accessing our services are younger than 65 years of age
⋅ Offices in Warrnambool, Portland and Hamilton
⋅ More than 400 staff members


⋅ Acquisition of May Noonan Centre, 40 bed nursing home located at 3 Foley Street Terang


⋅ Acquisition of Warrnambool Medical Clinic as a key tenant for the proposed Lyndoch HealthCare primary care centre being built as part of the Masterplan at Hopkins Road Warrnambool

Our growth is a testament to our responsiveness and flexibility to changing community expectations and needs of the individual being central to our decision-making.


Since 2007, Lyndoch Living has achieved significant reductions in the amount of energy and water we consume, as well as introducing a recycling program. We are committed to becoming a more sustainable organisation and reducing our impact on the environment. The results to date include:

  • 7% reduction in electricity usage
  • 18% or 4.3 million litre reduction in water use
  • 7.5% reduction in gas consumption
  • Recycling of approximately 530 cubic meters household items, papers etc. that otherwise would have gone into land fill

Further initiatives under consideration include the purchase of gas-fired turbine to produce cleaner more sustainable electricity supplies, and harvesting rainwater for use in our laundry, which currently constitutes about 25% of our total water usage.


“We are very grateful for the professionalism and care the staff have shown” Family of [email protected] clients


“We would like to acknowledge the fantastic support shown to this lovely couple by the [email protected] team and the flexibility and understanding of their care needs” Family Member of [email protected] client


“The lady you sent over yesterday was delightful, and even made Mum a hot lemon drink and put her to bed” Leanne (daughter of [email protected] client)


“What a wonderful job Trish and Liz do, we are so happy with the care they provide” Family Members of [email protected] clients


“I really appreciate the support from the Lyndoch [email protected] team, it’s a huge help in managing my caring role” Michelle ([email protected] client)


“A very big thank you to the wonderful staff who came into our home and cared for my husband.  This respite break made a very difficult situation more tolerable and gave me something to look forward to” Christine ([email protected] client)


“Geraldine is the about the best cleaner I’ve ever had!” Maurice  ([email protected] client)


“Jan is such a capable, competent and calming carer, I feel so safe in her hands.  I could not ask for anyone better” Joan ([email protected] client)


“I’ve always been a busy, practical person and I’m still a busy person – I’m still able to be very involved in the community, especially the Speedway. I’m a busy bloke!” “I get spoilt rotten here! I really get cared for.” Stuart (Swinton East)


“One of the lovely nurses had a great idea and planted out a raised bed with tomatoes and other plants and I enjoy getting out there and doing some work in the garden, collecting the produce.” “The staff are very, very nice. They greet you with a smile and do things very well.“ “I really enjoy the school kids visiting, and I’m amazed at the quality of the kids, they’re all so nice!” John (Lake Lodge)


“I’ve lived here for 5 years and I’m very happy with the nurses and other staff” Margaret (Lake Lodge)


“I’ve made friends here that I wouldn’t have been able to meet living by myself at home. It’s like an extension of your family” “The staff are absolutely fantastic here, nothing is ever a problem for them. Right through to the maintenance men, the cleaners and gardeners and staff at the kiosk, they’re all obliging and always greet you with a smile” “At Lyndoch I get comfort, care and conversation, add a bit of fresh air and that’s exactly what you need in life” Lynette (Swinton East)