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Holds all the livings

  • Margaret (Lake Lodge)

    “I’ve lived here for 5 years and I’m very happy with the nurses and other staff” Margaret (Lake [...]
  • Lynette (Swinton East)

    “I’ve made friends here that I wouldn’t have been able to meet living by myself at home. It’s like an extension of your family” “The staff are absolutely fantastic here, nothing [...]
  • John (Lake Lodge)

    “One of the lovely nurses had a great idea and planted out a raised bed with tomatoes and other plants and I enjoy getting out there and doing some work in the garden, collecting the [...]
  • Stuart (Swinton East)

    “I’ve always been a busy, practical person and I’m still a busy person - I’m still able to very involved in the community, especially the Speedway. I’m a busy bloke!” “I get [...]