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  • Jill Jans - creator of fun

    Meet Jill: Lyndoch Living’s creator of fun

    Shout out to Lyndoch Living team member Jill (pictured with Bev), who has been working at Lyndoch for over 16 years. Jill initially worked at Fletcher Jones for nearly 20 years, and part [...]
  • Pattie found settling into life at Lyndoch Living easy

    Lyndoch Living resident Pattie has settled into life at Lyndoch easily and has made many new friends and reacquainted herself with some old friends. Knowing that she could not always live [...]
  • What is Meaningful Living?

    Lyndoch Living's CEO Doreen Power talks about Meaningful Living and why the current redevelopment and masterplan are important for Lyndoch's part in helping the community to live [...]
  • Lyndoch Living’s acquisition of the Warrnambool Medical Clinic

    Lyndoch Living’s CEO Doreen Power yesterday announced exciting news about Stages I and 2 of the proposed redevelopment. The plan includes a medical precinct of a GP Practice, [...]