Waltanna Living

Healthy living and living healthy

To the benefit of the consumer, Waltanna Livings brand philosophy to manufacture “healthy foods that look, smell and taste like real food for an ageing population”, is realised here.

When nutrition is important in your life, and that of your family and friends, Waltanna Living has solutions to suit all tastes.

Backed by science and the opinions of consumers everywhere, Waltanna Livings products are designed to deliver much needed nutrition in addition to eating foods that just look and taste like real food.

No fad diets, just real food for real people.

When nutrition and flavour count Waltanna Living is there to help!

Waltanna Living is a collaboration between Waltanna Farms, an organic producer at the foothills of the Grampians National Park, and Lyndoch Living an aged care provider in Warrnambool, south-west Victoria.

 Innovative thinking requires the ability to think beyond boundaries, imagine the ‘what ifs’ and make connections with non-traditional partners. Waltanna Living represents this type of thinking. Two independent parties, unknown to each other before, whose values align, now work their common goals in partnership.

Product range

Waltanna Living is committed to producing a broad range of sweet and savoury foods that can be introduced into your everyday diet.  

There is a range of products from gluten-free Yo-Yo’s, hemp choc chip biscuits and chocolate brownie, baked lemon cheesecake, cranberry and white chocolate cookies, lemon and strawberry jam drops to the wonderful Le Graine product which can feature throughout your day.

What are the nutritional benefits of flaxseed and hemp?

The fibre in flaxseed can promote the microorganisms inside the gastrointestinal tract which is known as gut flora. These microorganisms help to cleanse waste out from the body. Fibre also contributes to promote prebiotics in the gut which help to grow the healthy bacteria in the gut.

Fibre content helps to prevent constipation, increases bulk of intestines content and allows for increased nutrient absorption to help create a feeling of fullness.

Antioxidants reduces risk of some cancers including breast, prostate and ovarian, and also reduces LDL and total cholesterol for individuals with high cholesterol.

Omega 3, 6, 9 can help to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and reduce symptoms of depression.

Protein plant-based source of protein which can reduce cholesterol levels.

Want to know more?

You can download our information and product brochure here.

Watch our video here.


Peter McLauchlan | Innovation & Research Manager, Lyndoch Living 
Phone: 0419 477 275 
Email: [email protected] 


“We are very grateful for the professionalism and care the staff have shown” Family of [email protected] clients


“We would like to acknowledge the fantastic support shown to this lovely couple by the [email protected] team and the flexibility and understanding of their care needs” Family Member of [email protected] client


“The lady you sent over yesterday was delightful, and even made Mum a hot lemon drink and put her to bed” Leanne (daughter of [email protected] client)


“What a wonderful job Trish and Liz do, we are so happy with the care they provide” Family Members of [email protected] clients


“I really appreciate the support from the Lyndoch [email protected] team, it’s a huge help in managing my caring role” Michelle ([email protected] client)


“A very big thank you to the wonderful staff who came into our home and cared for my husband.  This respite break made a very difficult situation more tolerable and gave me something to look forward to” Christine ([email protected] client)


“Geraldine is the about the best cleaner I’ve ever had!” Maurice  ([email protected] client)


“Jan is such a capable, competent and calming carer, I feel so safe in her hands.  I could not ask for anyone better” Joan ([email protected] client)


“I’ve always been a busy, practical person and I’m still a busy person – I’m still able to be very involved in the community, especially the Speedway. I’m a busy bloke!” “I get spoilt rotten here! I really get cared for.” Stuart (Swinton East)


“One of the lovely nurses had a great idea and planted out a raised bed with tomatoes and other plants and I enjoy getting out there and doing some work in the garden, collecting the produce.” “The staff are very, very nice. They greet you with a smile and do things very well.“ “I really enjoy the school kids visiting, and I’m amazed at the quality of the kids, they’re all so nice!” John (Lake Lodge)


“I’ve lived here for 5 years and I’m very happy with the nurses and other staff” Margaret (Lake Lodge)


“I’ve made friends here that I wouldn’t have been able to meet living by myself at home. It’s like an extension of your family” “The staff are absolutely fantastic here, nothing is ever a problem for them. Right through to the maintenance men, the cleaners and gardeners and staff at the kiosk, they’re all obliging and always greet you with a smile” “At Lyndoch I get comfort, care and conversation, add a bit of fresh air and that’s exactly what you need in life” Lynette (Swinton East)